From Red to Variety of COLORS

Red stockings that dyed the whole world red on SNS

World-renowned pop star Dua Lipa is credited with red stockings returning as a must-have item for women. Two keywords have spread to the world since it was introduced on the stage of the Graham Norton Show.
"Red Star King". "Pantsless"

Since then, Jenner sisters and celebrities such as Elle Fanning and Elsa Horsk, who are indispensable for trends, have introduced fascinating red stocking outfits,
In Korea, Black Pink's Jennie and Hwasa each introduced unique styles using red stockings.

What's attractive is that red stockings create a wide variety of styles.
From matching looks with red monochrome from tops to shoes, to ensembles with black, charcoal, or metallic silver also create a unique look.
Denim is also a fun item to match with red stockings.

In addition to the color, it goes so well with either a boy's shorts or a miniskirt that completes the 'pantsless' look, or with ankle boots.

You can think of them as the same red stockings, but if you look closely, the color (Hue) that is implemented little by little is different.
There's bound to be a red that looks a little more sophisticated and luxurious.
You need a red that will go well with your wardrobe items.

Different colors, different productions

In this way, the intense stocking outfit that started with red creates more diverse styles by trying different colors.

Red is still the trend, but fast-paced influencers have their eyes on unique colors.

Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift's styles for paparazzi are similar to red but look very different in burgundy color stockings, while Anne Hathaway chose purple and light gray for Hadid.

These multicolored stockings are expected to lead to another trend toward the end of the red craze.

The only problem with color stockings is, 'Can I pull off that color?'
Is there a color point that makes my favorite costume item stand out more?

Sometimes it takes a bold attempt.