Q1. What are the characteristics of a romantic Tiger?

A. Romantic Tiger is the first unique handmade legwear made by top branding designers in Korea. Based on the research, we strive to create the best products through numerous eye-dating, sampling, and testing. In addition to the design, the water-sewing method guarantees a sophisticated finish and selects and produces the most comfortable fabric when worn. Create a special look with the unique legwear of Romantic Tiger.

Q2. Won't it stretch or discolour if I wear it a lot?

A. All legwear of the Romantic Tiger is created after dozens of sampling and testing prior to its production. After being worn and washed by designers, they check the stretch and discoloration levels, then they are supplemented and shipped out as finished products. Romantic Tiger takes pride in making products that everyone can trust.

Q3. Does it fit well with chubby legs?

A. Made of highly elastic material, you can wear it comfortably with any body type. Confidently create your own special look with the legwear of a romantic tagger.

Q4. Would it go well with what I usually wear?

A. Romantic Tiger's socks are designed and designed to go well with any fashion, including suits, casual looks, feminine looks, sporty looks, and daily looks.

Q5. Can men wear this design?

A. In leading fashion countries, such as Europe and Japan, many men are already creating their own looks and identities with legwear such as romantic tags. If you want to buy handmade and collection-lined legwear in men's sizes, please leave a message in the 1:1 inquiry and we will guide you. Become a leader in domestic fashion with romantic tagger legwear.

Q6. Why is this price for legwear on a romantic tiger?

A. The legwear of the Romantic Tiger is created by receiving numerous touches from design to production. First, designers design concepts by giving ideas along with market research such as season and concept research. Based on this, themes and motifs are set and designed to fit each concept. At the same time, the best materials suitable for the legwear are selected through a sampling period of 3 to 4 months. After that, a sample is produced with the completed design, worn directly or washed to supplement the modifications. After the final testing, the product is produced using a sewing machine. Sewing sewing is a sewing machine in which a person finishes sewing one by one. Produced products are carefully packaged and delivered after inspection. After inspection, the product is carefully packaged and delivered. Romantic Tiger does its best to design and quality of the product so that 4 out of 10 legwear are eliminated in this process.

Q7. Are there any precautions when wearing it?

A. Please wear it carefully so that your nails don't damage it. If you roll it up and store it among the products, you can wear it for a longer time by preventing it from getting tangled with other fibers.

Q8. Do you have any recommended washing methods?

A. We recommend handwashing separately using a neutral detergent in lukewarm (30°C) water. After washing, lightly remove moisture and dry it in the shade.

Q9. Is it possible to exchange or refund?

A. Exchange/return/refund is possible within 7 days of receipt of the product. However, we ask for your understanding that it is not possible to exchange/return/refund the product after damage, loss, removal of the tag, or wearing it.

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